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An indoor area in Hong Kong Polytechnic University is seen littered with metal barricades, bricks, furniture items and assorted trash in the morning of Nov 18, 2019. [PHOTO/CHINA DAILY]

Protesters involved in the occupation at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University as well as subsequent clashes with police have deviated far from the protests" original intent, a young protester who was involved in the chaos last month told a Chinese-language newspaper in Hong Kong.

The protester, 21-year-old Hak Tsai (not his real name) also said, in an exclusive interview with Ta Kung Pao newspaper published on Wednesday, that he had heard from other front-line protesters that rioters were paid to conduct violent acts.

Hak Tsai said he participated in the occupation, during which thousands of radical protesters used the campus as a stronghold to launch assaults on police officers, with lethal weapons including gasoline bombs, bows and arrows, metal balls and bricks. Police who retook the campus discovered about 4,000 gasoline bombs and a large number of other dangerous items that radical protesters had left behind.

Hak Tsai, who acted as a sentry at one entrance of PolyU to watch for police, said he had never thought police would besiege the campus.

Hak Tsai said he used a walkie-talkie to provide updates on police deployments to a person he did not know, who would only answer, "Copy that."

On the third day of the siege, the campus environment had become terrible, Hak Tsai told the newspaper. Tableware remained unwashed, smashed glass was scattered everywhere and restrooms were unsanitary.

When he and some other protesters said there was no equipment to use and they wanted to leave the campus, one protester, about 30 years old, prevented them leaving and gave them a bucket of equipment, Hak Tsai said.

"He asked us to attack and clash with the police, which I totally did not want to do. I was scared." Hak Tsai refused the request and escaped with others, he said.

Hak Tsai said he was apolitical until a demonstration on June 9 to protest the now-withdrawn extradition law amendment bill invoked his curiosity. After June 12, the first time he experienced tear gas, he often participated in illegal assemblies and gradually turned from a peaceful, rational and nonviolent protester to a supporter of the "warriors"-the term violent protesters use to describe themselves.

"It"s easy to be moved (by the feeling of unity) on the front line," Hak Tsai said. He added the atmosphere at the scene made it easy to rush to the front line and commit crimes unconsciously.

Hak Tsai said he refused to hurl gasoline bombs, though fellow rioters repeatedly tried to persuade him to do so. He said he recalled his cousin, who is a lawyer, often telling him that anyone hurling a gasoline bomb could be imprisoned for 10 years.

However, some middle school students at the age of 14 or 15 could not resist the incitement and joined those hurling the bombs, Hak Tsai said.

He said he had heard from frontline protesters that those who hurled gasoline bombs could earn HK$8,000 ($1,020) a day, while those who attacked police officers could earn HK$10,000.

Hak Tsai said he didn"t accept any money and insisted on fighting for the "five demands" laid out by protesters. But he conceded there has been no line drawn between peaceful, rational and nonviolent protesters and the "warriors".

"I think they have deviated too far from the original intention," he said.

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