Mother tranembossed silicone wristbandssforms balcony into garden for disabled son

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Chen Xuan, from southwest China"s Chongqing, has turned her balcony into a mini garden full of flowers and plants. [Photo provided to]

Chen Xuan"s seven-year-old son suffers from cerebral palsy, due to his premature birth. To help him enjoy natural beauty every day, Chen has turned her 14-square meter balcony into a mini garden full of flowers and plants.

Chen won a recent competition for the most beautiful balcony in southwest China"s Chongqing city.

"Just like most children, my son loves nature and likes playing in parks," Chen said.

Chen Xuan and her son. Chen Xuan, from southwest China"s Chongqing, has turned her balcony into a mini garden full of flowers and plants. [Photo provided to]

"But when the weather doesn"t allow him to go out, he would become depressed and restless."

An art school graduate, she transformed her balcony into a bohemian garden.

"Now gardening is my hobby and I also find my peace here," Chen said.

Chen is planning to set up a home for children with cerebral palsy where they can play together.

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